Congratulations to our CEO Hisashi Ietsugu!

Data: 2018-10-26 Znaczniki: News

Popular management magazine Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently published their 2018 ranking of the world’s top-performing CEOs. Jumping nine places from 2017’s rankings, Hisashi Ietsugu was placed as number nine this year.

How HBR calculates the rankings is a multi-faceted approach. They base the rankings primarily on financial returns over each CEO’s entire tenure, as well as factoring in each company’s rating on environmental, social and governance issues. They state that their focus on career numbers results in a ranking that typically limits annual changes. Seven of this year’s top 10 were also in the top 10 last year, which is why Ietsugu’s jump to number nine is a rather impressive one.

Havard Business Review

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