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Comprehensive internal quality control using reliable control material is essential in today’s highly automated haematology laboratories. e-CHECK (XS) has been designed specifically for our XS-series. It lets you perform a thorough check of your analysers’ technical functions and reagent system. It delivers effective and reliable internal quality control at all times.

Monitoring CBC + DIFF

With e-CHECK (XS) you can easily monitor and verify the performance of your XS-series analyser. It provides assay data for the eight CBC parameters and the WBC differential count. It includes monitoring of technical parameters in addition to reportable parameters to ensure high performance of the analyser. Assay data is automatically entered from a CD-ROM.

Widely applicable

The product is available in three different concentrations. The e-CHECK (XS) level 2 covers the normal range, the e-CHECK (XS) level 1 is used for the low abnormal range and the e-CHECK (XS) level 3 is for the high abnormal range.

The vial has a pierceable cap to enable manual closed mode analysis on the XS-1000i. This enhances the efficiency of quality control processes in laboratories.

It has been tested and found non-reactive for hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C virus (HCV) and HIV1/HIV2 antibody using techniques specified by the FDA. Careful packaging protects it from evaporation and damage and helps ensure long product stability.

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