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Lymph node status is the most important prognostic factor and staging parameter in managing CRC. The current method to analyse lymph nodes is postoperative histopathology with one-section H&E: The lymph node is only analysed on one level, leaving a large amount of tissue not analysed. As a result, metastases may remain undetected, leading to false-negative results and a higher risk of disease recurrence.

By analysing the entire lymph node, OSNA delivers the confidence that you do not overlook any metastases. You can deliver accurate staging of the patients and a more reliable basis for your therapy decisions.

Lymph node analysis of pN0 patients with OSNA yielded an upstaging rate of up to 25% compared with the standard histological method1, studies have shown this allows adjusting the affected patients' management.

OSNA – Superior diagnostic information

  • Molecular determination of the tumour burden adds valuable clinical information
  • Quickly available results reduce waiting time for therapy decisions
  • Confidence not to overlook metastases by analysing the entire lymph node
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